How Car Shipping Works

Let Us Guide You Through The Auto Shipping Process

Step 1: Get an auto transport quote

Click on "get a quote" in the top right corner to get started. Once you have filled in all of the information about your auto transport quote and click submit to send it directly to us. We will then review current market rates and after we find the best possible rate for your vehicle shipping needs, we will email you back with the rate and details. The details will include specifics like the type of service you prefer.  For example, we will offer "open auto transport" or "enclosed auto transport” along with more information about the services we provide. 

*Please note that if there are any modifications to your vehicle or special requests that you would like us to consider, it's best to let us know during the initial quote request.  Expedited transit, top load and specific day pickup are available upon request*

Step 2: Check car shipping reviews and payment options

It is always important to check the reviews of any company that you are considering to ship your vehicle.  In the vehicle relocation industry, the cheapest rate is not always the best.  Some auto shipping companies with low rates require deposits before your vehicle is picked up. You should never pay BEFORE your vehicle is loaded.  Most companies will tell you that the deposit is refundable.  Unfortunately, you will often find out after they have collected their fee that it is not refundable at all.  Additionally, some auto transport companies will offer low rates simply to secure your shipment to their specific company.  If the vehicle does not pick up in a timely manner, then they will require you to increase the rate in order to accommodate your move.  The reason for this is because they know car shipping is not something people do often and they hope you give them the extra money instead of starting the process of finding another provider all over again. Payment can be made in full after pickup per customer request.

Click here for Ace Connect Auto Shipping Reviews     


Step 3: Book your auto shipping order

Once you have decided to book your move with Ace Connect, you can place your order online by using the secure link provided on the emailed quote. It is best to schedule your auto transport at least 3 days before the first available shipment date. In order to book the order, you we will need the origin and destination addresses along with contact information for both individuals releasing and obtaining the vehicle at your chosen destination. Additionally, we will require a debit card or credit card to put on file.  The deposit will only be charged AFTER your vehicle has been picked up by one of our auto carriers.  This deposit is subtracted from your quote total.  For example:  If you were quoted $695.00 and your deposit is $175.00, you will pay the remaining balance of $520.00 to the carrier once your vehicle is delivered to you.   


Step 4: Vehicle relocation assignment

After your order is booked, Ace Connect Auto Shipping will reach out to our preferred vendors to locate one of our trusted and qualified carriers that can meet your car shipping needs. Once we select a car carrier, they will be assigned to your specific auto transport request.  The chosen carrier will have agreed to transport your vehicle within the service terms discussed with you during the quoting process. Additionally, the car carrier will have active authority, the appropriate insurance, as well as a minimum of 98% satisfactory ratio based off of industry standards.   


Step 5: Preparing the vehicle for shipping

There is no need to clean the exterior of the vehicle unless it is extremely dirty. If it is, a light rinse will work fine.  It is common, during the transport of your vehicle, that it will arrive dirtier than it was when you released it to the carrier due to the miles it was shipped. Loading up to 100 pounds of personal items in the vehicle is acceptable.  If you pack more than 100 pounds in the vehicle the carrier may request additional funds at pickup. Additionally, the fuel level should be around ΒΌ a tank. Carriers have a maximum weight capacity while transporting your vehicle across country. If you are moving your vehicle from a warm climate to a winter climate it is best to prepare your car for winter temperatures. Check the antifreeze levels as well as confirm that the type of windshield fluid in your vehicle is designed for the type of weather your vehicle is being transported to.    


Step 6: Auto pick up

Ace Connect will reach out to you once we have confirmed the day in which the carrier plans to pick up your vehicle. The carrier will then contact you directly, typically one day before they arrive, to set up a time frame for pickup. The carrier will perform a thorough auto inspection at origin.  This allows the carrier to record the condition of your vehicle before transit begins. You will also receive a copy of this inspection. Additionally, if you would like, you can take pictures of your vehicle while the driver is there. This helps to further document the condition of your vehicle at pick up.  

Step 7: In Transit

To determine how long your vehicle will be in transit, you need to take into consideration the mileage form your origin location to your destination location.  Typically, a driver will travel 400-500 miles per day.  If the mileage on your move is 2500 miles, it will take them 5-6 days to get to your destination location. Please keep in mind that your vehicle will be transported with multiple other units. Because of this, it can take an additional 1-2 days for the driver to pick up and deliver the full load to all of the customers.  While your vehicle is in transit you can contact us at any time in order to receive an update for your auto shipment. 

Step 8: Auto delivery

Just like the origin process, the carrier will contact you the day before your vehicle will arrive at the chosen destination. When the vehicle arrives, a final inspection will be completed to ensure a flawless auto transport experience. If there is any damage on the vehicle at delivery that was not there at origin, you MUST notate the damage before signing the final bill of inspection. If a balance remains, the carrier will be paid at this time.